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Hello, We’re Design and Build, The Most reliable Design and Build Company Fulham, and we can help you transform the ideas in your head, down onto paper and then into bricks and mortar.

Here, at Design And Build, you’ll find a group of skilled tradesmen who are reliable and trustworthy. We’ll get the job done, in time and on budget.

What’s more, we work with you from the very beginning of a building project to finish. We design and build your project, incorporating the expertise of our contemporary interior designer to ensure every detail reflects modern aesthetics and meets your vision, from the earliest step to the last touch of paint.

Design and Build Fulham – Architect Led Design And Build Company Fulham

Design and Build have an in-house service which takes care of all the paperwork and permissions needed before a project starts. You don’t have to worry about finding architects, structural engineers, or surveyors as we have them all under the same roof.

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How Design and Build Works

First step: Initial visit

The first thing we have to do before we can give you a quote for renovation, house extension or a loft conversion is to visit your property. We can tell you whether or not your property is suitable for the work you want to have done. And Identifying the potentials that you may not be aware of.

For example, is your loft suitable for conversion, and is the wall you want to remove a loading-bearing wall? Or Maybe you have a party wall, and you need help and advice about notifications and permissions.

Our expert team, including an interior designer for homes, will answer all your questions, discuss your ideas, and guide you through the process. Then, we’ll draw up a roadmap and provide a rough quote, ensuring clarity and transparency in every step of your project.

Second step: Architectural Plans Drawing Stage

If you’re having a house extension built or a loft conversion, you’ll need an architect to draw up your plans. As we are construction Company leading by architects We do this in-house to save you the worry of having to find an architect yourself.

An architect helps you with the design, planning and overseeing of your project.

Our architect knows how to make the most of the light and space in your home and can guide you through the drawing stage and seamlessly into the design and build.

You can use your architect to get ideas that reflect what you want from your right design-build firms in London project. They will also help you avoid costly mistakes during the design phase.

Third step: second visit, Drawing Explanation and Time to think

Design and Build London

Once the drawings are in place you have a chance to look at everything again and make any changes if you want to. The best time to make changes is now because once the building work starts modifications can become expensive.

Your architect will ask you about the way you want to use your space and the way you use your home. The more you can go into detail about what you want the better, because the architect will need to transfer the vision you have in your head down onto paper.

Fourth Step: Applying for Planning Permission

Design and Build London

If your project requires planning permission this is the time, we apply for it on your behalf. This involves:

  • Filling in the appropriate application forms
  • Attaching additional information such as drawings and plans
  • Outlining what’s involved so that planning officers have a clear idea about the project

The planning department will then assess your application and make their decision. The process takes around 8 weeks from start to finish.

Fifth step: Structural Calculation

Design and Build London

Now it is time to carry out the structural calculations and again we provide you with our in-house dedicated structural surveyor.

A structural engineer carries out structural calculations. They are specialist in building structures, and they work alongside architects.

Their job is to make sure any building work adheres to a certain set of regulations and standards to ensure the structure is safe. All buildings need to be able to withstand certain changes and to conform that changes to be made is accommodated in the structure.

The structural engineer will go through the plans. They will make for example that after the removal of a load-bearing wall that the correct support is in place. They might also suggest materials for the build.